Jan 23, 2018 – The Dickinson Press (Print): Search for Lone Bear reaches Dickinson


The search for Olivia Lone Bear has expanded to the Dickinson area and other places across the state, but now volunteers are needed to search up and down the streets in hopes of finding the truck Lone Bear was last seen in.


Lone Bear went missing from the New Town area in late October 2017. Her family has been searching for her on Fort Berthold, but recently announced they would be expanding the search to other North Dakota cities.

The Dickinson canvassing team, which had around a handful of searchers on Tuesday morning, Jan. 23, will be meeting at Dickinson Holiday Inn Express conference room this week to begin the process of looking for the truck that has not yet been located.

The pickup is a blue granite metallic gray 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LT Crew Cab with a dented tailgate. It has a silver tool box in the bed and may appear dark gray or black at night. The truck has North Dakota plates 839 BRC.

Nellie Mahto, who is heading up the Dickinson canvassers, said they will be at the Holiday Inn Express on Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Sunday from around 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Holiday Inn Express offered the space free of charge, Mahto said. On Friday and Saturday they may be working out of a volunteer’s home.

Each person who comes to help will be assigned a section of town to search for the vehicle. Mahto said right now they need more volunteers to help.

“Hopefully word gets out and hopefully her name stays in the spotlight,” she said. “I know I’d want someone to help me if something ever bad like that happened. To not know where your child is looking from the dad’s perspective and from the kids’ perspective they’re probably wondering where their mom is.”

Mahto said the situation is heartbreaking and it’s hard to fathom what the family has been going through.

“Hopefully we find something. Hopefully the family can get some (answers),” Mahto said.

The group plans on checking areas like parking lots, industrial yards and other areas where a vehicle could have been parked for a long time without notice.

Lone Bear is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, weighs 130 pounds and has brown eyes and brown hair. She has pierced ears, a scar on her right front shoulder, a scar on one of her palms, three stacked stars tattooed behind her right ear, “IXXIMMXI” tattoos on her right arm, “Lone Bear” tattooed on her left forearm, and “Haley” tattooed with a butterfly on her right ankle.


(This story has not been edited and ran originally here.)

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