Dec 3, 2017 – Family of Lost Indigenous Mother Savanna Greywind Joins in Search of Bakken Oil Field for Olivia Lone Bear

THREE AFFILIATED TRIBES RESERVATION, NEW TOWN, N.D. – The search for missing Indigenous mother of five who has gone missing from the Bakken oil field in New Town, North Dakota, Olivia Lone Bear, continues diligently. Joining in the ground search now is the family of Savanna Greywind, the 8 months pregnant Indigenous mother who’s life was tragically taken and her baby kidnapped.  The baby has been returned to the family safely since these tragic events. 

“We are here to stand with the Lone Bear family. We are hoping to bring awareness, and get them the support they need.” – Noberta Lafontaine-Greywind, Savanna’s mother.

“They’re a very strong and courageous family to show up and support in this time. There are some very similar things going on between both cases involving the police according to those familiar with both cases. The police aren’t giving us the help we need. We look forward to the presence of the Lafontaine-Greywind family as we search together to bring Olivia home safely. Today we thank the family and appreciate the help.”  – Matthew Lone Bear, Olivia’s brother.

The Lone Bear case has not been handled with urgency since the beginning by tribal law enforcement officers. Refusal of aid in the ground search, pushing off help, and lack of communication have been standard since Olivia was first reported missing in late October. 

“We should not have to censor the lead investigator from saying loaded, incorrect, or adversarial things to the public and media. No family should have to go through this as they search for a missing relative, including us,” Matthew Lone Bear continues.

The partnership between these two families is important, as is the partnership with the public in a missing person’s search. Due to the lack of processes in place to handle missing people in a timely manner, the family has been forced to bear the majority of the burden around the ground search coordination. Without the aid of families like the Lafontaine-Greywinds and the public, the search would be far slower.

There is currently a $10,000 reward offered for information leading to the return of Olivia home safely or the conviction of someone who may have harmed her.



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