Dec 04, 2017 – WDAY (TV): Lone Bear family in need of supplies for search efforts during cold weather

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FARGO—People trying to track down a missing woman from North Dakota need your help.

The search efforts for Olivia Lone Bear, a mother of five, are focused in the western part of North Dakota by New Town.

They’re asking for donations.

As of Monday, the Red Raven Espresso Parlor in Fargo is a drop-off site for supplies.

The Lone Bear family is asking for anything and everything that could help searchers battle the elements as they cover over 100 acres of space.

“The family put a call out for a supply list yesterday. The weather is getting cold, so hand warmers, coffee, creamer, sugar – You know, the basics,” Ruth Buffalo, Organized Supply Drive.

The supplies will be delivered twice this week, as people from our area head out to help.

(This story has not been edited and ran originally here.)

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